Chelsea Ferguson – Official Calendar 2013

by undesigneduk

We’ve been extremely busy here at Un-designed over the past few weeks, both designing and printing. This has included many lookbooks for various clothing brands, 1000+ business cards, some of which for a certain PHD Media, and another 1,000 flyers exclusively for an Oxford-based uni freshers discount.

Cool, huh? But there has been one unique project that has been at the forefront of our agenda since the initial idea came to light, back in July.

It’s a pleasure to announce that Un-designed will be publishing the Official Chelsea Ferguson 2013 Calendar.

Not entirely sure who Chelsea Ferguson is?
Even if you don’t follow her, there’s no doubt that a topless photo of her’s would have been retweeted onto your timeline at some point. Now do you recognise the name? Ah…thought so!
Chelsea is an experienced dancer, aspiring model and what some may call a ‘Twitter celebrity’ from Hartlepool, who goes by the username of @chelsfergo. You may also recognise one of her well-known trends #TitsOnTour, #FlirtWithFergo and/or #ChelsFergosBarmyArmy.
She’s in her early 20’s, single, and not too much of an expensive date, with her favourite drink being a blue WKD and her chosen grub usually a Nandos or TGI Friday’s!

How it happened
Back in July, Chelsea posted a tweet expressing her interest in a 2013 Calendar, one of the team spotted this and immediately realised it’s potential.

(Nearly all of the official calendars you see in the shops such as HMV are printed right here at our place in Birmingham. You name it, we probably print it. Every year we print hundreds upon hundreds of titles, millions of copies overall)

Chelsea’s management was contacted by ourselves and a few weeks later…a deal was struck.
On September 11th Chelsea travelled down to Birmingham and we put her up in a hotel for the night, along with top photographer Adam Turner. The two had recently worked together on a shoot for Loaded mag and the way in which each of them work really compliments the other. Adam also brought along his brilliant stylist.

The shoot.
The day of the shoot was an early start to say the least, once the team were all in the office, some cars were sent over to collect the guys from the hotel that was only 5 minutes away. When en route, Chelsea actually posted a naked photo from her bathroom, which explains why she wasn’t ready upon arrival!

The shoot took place at TipTop Photography studio in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham which had all sorts of backdrops and props, some more useful than others, some more fun.

There were some interesting topics of conversation over lunch, such as Chelsea’s ‘encounter’ with Gaz from Geordie Shore, her work for Bluebird TV and Leeds’ Silks Gentlemens Lounge, an usual experience over FaceTime, oh…and something about anal beads in a dishwasher!

Chelsea looked phenomenal and Adam got some amazing shots, we all had a great day and it couldn’t have gone any smoother.
The calendar is on course to be a live product by October 1st, available from

Below are some pictures from the day of the shoot.

Please Note: We can not yet publish our own photographs of Chelsea as many of them reflect what will be seen in the calendar itself.


Oscar, looking very happy as what he had named ‘Booby Day’ was finally here.


Please Note: Tanaiya did not move from this position ALL DAY.


Chelsea and I (Lewis) both thought this was The Queen. Turns out that it’s Margaret Thatcher.


Oscar Venus.


My alter-ego, Louise.


The Un-designed team, Chelsea and Sedgy the sheep, who I got to hold!

Thanks for reading